I wish to give my solidarity to Katerina Peristeri, Michalis Lefantzis and the others who excavated the tumulus Kasta.

Their admirable excavation responded to all the scientific desiderata and whoever attacks them, even if it is the Ministry of Culture, gives credit to unfair gossip.

The political use of monuments was never done by them, on the contrary it is done by the critics of the excavation who please in this way the minimalistic mafia about classical Greece which rules nearly all the institutions of Greek studies in the world, in order to move up, to make career, to get very rich fellowships, etc..

That is the real εκμεταλλευση we see, there is no other one.

*Ο Antonio Corso είναι Διδάκτωρ Αρχαιολογίας. Είναι υπότροφος του Lord Marks Charitable Trust. Έχει δημοσιεύσει 13 βιβλία και δεκάδες άρθρων, με τα πιο πρόσφατα στην Μόσχα, την Προποντίδα και το Ρέτζιο της Καλαβρίας. Είναι συνεργάτης της ανασκαφικής ομάδος του Τύμβου Καστά στην Αμφίπολη.

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