Thessaloniki,February 1, 2019

Ioannis Nasioulas
14 Vassileos Irakleiou street
54625, Thessaloniki

Government of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Prime Minister, Mr. Zoran Zaev

Honorable Mr. Zaev,
The Accord You recently arrived to along with Mr. Tsipras and Mr. Kotzias, and which is not yet entered into force by your country, has excluded from its letter the provision that there exists no Macedonian nation.

The National Anthem of your country, which remains unchanged and out of the jurisdiction of Your Accord with Mr. Tsipras makes reference to Macedonians and Macedonia. Parts of Your country’s Constitution, which were also excluded by the jurisdiction of the Accord refer to “national struggles of the Macedonians”. The Accord itself and the imminent commencement of full diplomatic relations via the opening up of Embassies and in particular by the operation of a Consulate of Your country in Thessaloniki, recognizes the existence of a “Macedonian people” and of a “people of Macedonia” as provided in Article 7, paragraph 3, of the original version of the Accord rendered in English. This also applies to the version available in the website of Your Government under the term “Македонскиот народ”. Provided in the same Article, Your territory is recognized as Macedonia and your language as Macedonian.

The claim that there exists a Macedonian nation, as an interpretation of Your recent Accord with Mr. Tsipras via the signature of Mr. Kotzias, represents a direct insult and threat to the national dignity of the Greeks, their right to collective self-identification, along with their sovereign rights in the territory of the Hellenic Republic. It also contradicts the European Union aquis and the principle of reciprocity, as I recently had the chance to stress in a letter to the President of the European Commission Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker.

I think that I represent the opinion of many of my fellow citizens when I firmly stress that we unshakably remain opposite to the scrubbing and the usurpation of the Greek name “Macedonia” for the national self-identification of citizens of Your country, except for those who feel and declare that they actually are Greeks. As a citizen active in the public debate and the political affairs of my country and the European Union, I am not allowed to provide legitimacy via my actions or omissions to the unfounded national claims of citizens or institutions of Your country: there are no Macedonians other than Greeks.

I share the public position of the President of the Hellenic Republic Mr. Prokopios Pavlopoulos that “there is only one Macedonia and it is Greek”. I take notice of the public position of His counterpart, the President of the Bulgarian Republic that “There is no North Macedonia and there exists no Macedonian language”. Finally, I stress the negation of the President of Your country to ratify the recent Accord you stroke with Mr. Tsipras and Mr. Kotzias.
Fully respectful of the right of every citizen of Your country to self-identification, I would like to express my clear and non-negotiable opposition to a right of the citizens of Your country in collective self-identification as national Macedonians.

It would be a reassurance for me to take notice of Your part that there is no Macedonian nation. Without this critical clarification, I could not welcome you cordially in Thessaloniki with Your official capacity, under any official capacity my fellow Greeks co-citizens of our city –the capital of Macedonia- would ever elect me.

Mr. Prime Minister, please accept my highest regards

Ioannis Nasioulas
Candidate Mayor of Thessaloniki, Greece

Originally posted 2019-02-07 22:06:28.