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About the manipulation of ancient Greece by ‘progressive’ lobbies

I wish to give an example of how the ‘progressive’ mafia manipulates our notion of ancient Greece. From around 1980 to 2010 the ‘progressive’ lobbies which control the accepted narration …


Us. Strategist, John Sitilides warn about the disruptions in economy after COVID-19 virus

We are entering the next world, based upon the ravaging human and societal after-effects of virus that begun from Wuhan throughout the world and the devastation of entire economies based on government ordered and enforced contractions. We should expect significant disruptions to key aspects of the globalized commercial system of the past three decades, reshaped by the collapse of Soviet communism in the 1990s and the financial empowerment over the past three decades of Chinese communism. China has publicly declared an ambitious agenda of global dominance by 2049